Meet the newest member of the Universal+ Series: The indomitable GTS4. Built with the same radical, 3 strut, bridled, C-kite configuration as its forerunner.

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Meet the newest member of the Universal+ Series: The indomitable GTS4. Built with the same radical, 3 strut, bridled, C-kite configuration as its forerunner. But now, with more precision; a prodigious operating range;  and dare we say, a little more badassery. The 4th generation of the legendary GTS series sports refinements to its Future-C shape, bridles, and construction. Refinements that make the GTS4 more powerful, precise, and responsive. On the rail. In the tube. Or in the air. Experience our interpretation of controlled aggression embodied in: Powerful, controllable, turns with a radius that extends just beyond its wingtips. Superb bar feel by virtue of its shorter Short Bridle System. And unbelievably responsive ExoTex construction. GTS4. Exactly what you would expect from CORE. And a little more.

An easy choice for unhooked freestyle, relaxed freeriding, or waves of any size. With its linear and predictable behavior, you might even think the new GTS4 is virtually connected to your cortex. Its signature turns complement any transition and gets you going when that big wave is chasing you down. Try the ultra-agile wave…unhooked…kiteloop machine soon. And unleash your inner freestyle ninja.



  • Future-c Shape: The Gen4 carries over that familiar GTS C-kite feel that we all have come to love except now it enjoys a little more range on the high end. We added improved back-stall prevention to its smooth and controllable kiteloops. Credit a slightly increased aspect ratio and some other top secret enhancements for the GTS4’s radical versatility.
  • 3 Strut Frame: Three struts promote more twist than five. More twist initiates faster turns. Fewer struts also reduce kite weight which benefits slack-lined drifting. GTS4. Your perfect partner, on the North Shore or at the Slick.
  • Radical Reaction Tips: The GTS4 inherits cat-like reflexes from its square-ish, ‘C-style’, wingtips. Gen4 refinements include Radical Reaction Tips that are slightly more square and downward sloping towards the trailing edge.
  • Exotex® Dacron: Made in Germany. And exceptionally durable. ExoTex’s new asymmetrical Dacron weave and emulsion (protective coating) process is specifically developed for our exoskeleton frames to prevent bulging, ripping and UV degradation. The no stretch fabric also improves airflow by permitting reduced leading edge and strut diameters. Despite reducing strut diameters, the more robust ExoTex exoskeleton reduces flutter; improves flight stability and delivers superb rider feedback.
  • Coretex®: Exclusive to CORE. Our, industry leading, triple ripstop canopy fabric is protected and strengthened with three different coating processes called emulsions. CoreTex sets new benchmarks in breaking strength, tear resistance, longevity, UV protection and elongation. Feel the tight, crisp signature only a CoreTex kite can deliver.
  • Ultrashort Bridle System: A little shorter and even sweeter. The un-bowtie-able, two pulley, bridle system is shorter on the new GTS4 which improves bar reaction, feel and positional feedback. And for this kiteloop machine, having precise bar control in your hands is a bonus when you’re blind and upside down.
  • Core Intelligent Trim: Kite speed and bar pressure is a matter of choice. Your choice. With fully adjustable back line tension (aka trim), bar pressure and kite turning speed, our quick adjusting trim system gives you the freedom to ride any way you like. But don’t worry, the kite comes out of the bag ready to fly so you can play with the adjustments later.
  • Speed Valve 2: No special hose adapter to misplace here! The reinforced Speed Valve 2 connects directly to any standard 20mm OD twist lock pump hose. The Speed Valve 2 maximizes airflow, minimizes inflation times and noticeably reduces pump pressure. This inflation/deflation system is so good you may even leave your electric pump at home.
  • Speed Pump System: First one on the water wins! We installed big strut distribution hoses and designed aerodynamic strut valves to make air flow faster into the struts. We did this all for you because we know how much you enjoy inflating your kite.
  • Grintex® Patches: Extra protection where you need it most. Extreme abrasion resistant patches on leading edge segment seams and strut attachment points will give you another level of protection from those perfectly placed beach hazards.
  • Sensor Bar Ready: The GTS4 is fully compatible with the Sensor 2 and Sensor 2S bar system which features precise kite control and our unparalleled Supported Single Frontline Safety (SSF) system. The super clean design has no bobbles to interfere with your style and the ingenious no sag flag/safety line is more aerodynamic (and looks better!).
  • Instant Relaunch: Failed handle pass? No worries. With a quick tug, the GTS4 is designed to quickly drift into a perfect relaunch position. So go ahead and try again, you know your GTS4 has your back.



Core-Kiteboarding is a subsidiary company of Hiss-Tec Fehmarn, which also owns CARVED Custom kiteboards, a company already reputed around the World for technical innovation and quality.
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