The Mk5 kiteboard is pure Freestyle speed and high jumps

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The new MK6 freestyle kiteboard beast speed and sky-high jumps. New 2019 edition!
Embedded inserts for boots (wakeboard bindings)

For advanced to expert riders.

The MK6 Blankforce kiteboard will force you to remember what it feels to be alive! An all-terrain freestyler kiteboard for advanced and pro-riders (competition and training). We have kept the same V bottom shape of the MK5 as it proved to offer the fastest accelerations to maximize the jump altitude. You will be able to execute the best air-tricks.

The MK6 kiteboard is a real beast, just like its artistic design implies – it will snarl and growl with you as you cut through the wilderness of the water.

Built with explosive pop carbon technology! The MK6 features a beautiful, stiff carbon center with triple-X unifibers reinforcements. The tips have a bit of flex, so that the choppiness of the water is dispersed as you ride at high speed.
The flex control tips make sure you get the right pop at the right moment and increase your jump – altitude and overall performances.

The MK6 is one of the best kiteboards available on the market in all aspects: technology, design and print.

For everyone, from medium to high level.

It’s a must for a perfect quiver!
Additionnal inserts for boots (wakeboard).


  • 134 x 40 (40 70 kg)
  • 138 x 41.5 (70 90 kg)



Blankforce is union. Our hands join Nature with High Tech, choosing the Elements and bringing the next shape into life out of the piece of wood we are working on.
Board Size

134×40, 138×41.5

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